Occupy the High Ground

For heaven’s sake, Barrack, occupy the high ground!

Attacking McCain and his lapdog, the ambitious, beautiful and clueless Sarah Palin, concedes the impression that they are setting the agenda.

Impressions matter. If you are not careful you will find yourself all too soon debating the issues framed by the republicans. Stick to your guns. A strategy of attacking the McCain-Palin ticket on their terms “ignores” the fact that the American people have spoken countless times through opinion poles, saying that the 2008 election is about fairness and equity, about America’s standing in the world, about productivity, responsibility and self-sufficiency.

Do not let yourself be derailed by the rhetorical tricks and distractions of a well heeled public relations machine.

We are the moral majority. We opposed an immoral, opportunistic war that has visited misery on thousands of homes and families. We support fair trade and rightfully earned personal wealth.

Come on. Repeat with me: WE ARE THE MORAL MAJORITY.

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