Moving On

Paul Rogers’ article in today’s issue of Open Democracy, Pakistan’s Peril, is a vivid reminder if ever we needed one that life moves on and that there is no advantage to finally settling the moral issues surrounding Bush the Younger.

It is in fact, of little interest that we are “on the ground in Iraq”. What seems to matter is that once extracted from the ground war in Iraq, we must redeploy. Most have not thought beyond the issue of withdrawal to consider what to do with standing forces of over 1 million men and women. Do we need such a force?

If we are committed genuinely to a course of peace and ethical behaviour, would we need a standing army to secure energy supplies and guaranty access to natural resources?

America’s survival requires that we learn whatever lessons we can from the last 7 years, indeed, from the last fifty years, in order to avoid a repeat of these errors. And whatever these human errors–cronyism, special interest, zealotry–they must ultimately be placed in the context of the infinite and unforgiving.

Let us work for a more just society at home and more fairness in our relations with our neighbours. Let us rid ourselves of prescriptive notions that our truths are universal truths, that there should be a universally accepted standard for appropriate and inappropriate behaviour.

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