Life as Mystery

TAO Walker, a native American visionary who speaks and writes eloquently of the Tiyoshpaye Way and the Living Arrangement of our Mother Earth (and is a frequent contributor to the website Truth Dig ), in speaking about “jumping off a moving train with the doors welded shut” writes

…“speed” is relative, as Einstein “proved”, and [as we] free wild natural human beings have known all along.

Einstein may have proven mathematically what was already known to universal consciousness. And this knowledge may advance Man’s understanding of his condition, his environment and the universe. That however, does not and should not in any way diminish the poetic fact of universal consciousness.

As my father might have said, that and a nickle would get you on the Staten Island ferry. What could it possibly mean that “speed is relative”?

That this should be known to “universal consciousness” reminds me that “science” and “knowledge” are not objective things in themselves, but building blocks in a world view that embraces progress and perfectibility.

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