First Scarcities

The first scarcity is not economic, but sensory. We cannot possibly know, which is to say, we cannot possibly “be conscious” of everything that comes our way.

Because we lack understanding we clothe ourselves in limitations. Our limitations become the reality of our lives, the circumscriptions of our thought.

A second scarcity, is a scarcity of direction, of knowing what to do with what we have. Essential to the growth process, our needs become fuller, more complex, until one day we find that less is more.

Some people believe we are fallen, that our limitations reflect upon a separation from an earlier, purer condition, that somehow the cause of this condition was an error committed in the infancy of the human race and for which we must continually atone.

I think not. I think rather, that we fail to rise to our full potential as sensory humans. Too often it seems that humanity prefers a shared story of failure to the solitary struggle in the present.

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