A 21st Century Awakening

Of all the subjects available for discussion and involvement, perhaps the most interesting is the “great awakening”. Certainly China existed before the Cultural Revolution and it will certainly exist long after you and I have moved on.

Yet here are 1.3 billion people – young people, mothers, fathers, educators, scientists, consumers – awakening to consciousness. As interesting as this would be in any event, in the case of China it is all the more remarkable because the Chinese are playing by our rules, mimicking Western social forms, making their own mistakes, learning from ours’.

This awakening is unselfconscious. It is full of itself and confident, a youthful coming to maturity of a society whose cultural conventions and ethos represent many thousands of generations of refinement.

This great awakening might be apprehended as a mirror of Western society and a unique opportunity to see ourselves in a new light. There are perhaps as many ways to tell a story as their are stories to tell. But for those who listen and observe, the Chinese awakening is a catalog of new forms by which to measure our own sense of accountability.

Background for this article is taken from an MSN article, “What do Chinese Teens Want?“. If you are reading this post, you might like to explore MSN’s use of multimedia (multiple media types) in reporting on Chinese consumerism. Also, the video segment “Rapping Over Opera” makes a number of interesting inter-cultural points.

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